Our laundry service includes free collection and return from Monday –  Fridays  (Subject to where you live ring please contact us for details) and is generally 24/48 hours turnaround

Your laundry will be returned in one of our named laundry bags and is
subject to minimum order of £15
Please advise in advance whether you would prefer us to use the non fragranced washing liquid. 

Wash, dry, iron and hang shirts – £3.50 per shirt and is subject to a minimum order of £15.                   Folded is an additional 50p per Shirt

Wash, Tumble Dry And Fold Only

(Please note; socks will not be paired)

MAXIMUM 6lb load or Part Of (Whites) – £15.00
MAXIMUM 6lb load or Part Of (Colours) £15.00

Note; We will not mix white and colours. These will be washed and charged separately and we accept no responsibility for colours running during washing process. 

Any item with a ‘hand wash only’ label, will be washed separately and charged accordingly.

Tumble drying and folding only

(Please note; socks will not be paired)

Approx 6lb (wet weight) per load £10.00


Single Duvet £20.00

Double Duvet £22.00

       Kingsize Duvet £24.00

Super-king Duvet £26.00

Pillows From £18 (depending on filling)


Single £18.00
Double £20.00
King Size £22.00

Sleeping Bags From £22.00

Throws All Sizes (Washed) £27.00
Throws All Sizes (Dry Cleaned) £36.00

Mattress Protectors From:

Single £20.00
Double £22.00
King Size £24.00
Super King Size £26.00

Prices correct as of 1/10/20